Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Feel Really Ignored.


appletoe said...

hmmm, don feel so neglected la. ya, like u said, by a twist if fate sometimes everythin juz doesnt work out. i so totally agree with you. but things do werk out sometimes too! like u really wish that u can meet certain ppl n ur free times can juz match but i guess not everyday is sunday.
sry im juz typing away like as if this is my own blog. but really, i jus feel like talkin to somebody tonight. juz somethin gg back n forth in my head. my life sucks right now. but then i still haf internet! haha.
i really wish i was free-er n could really keep u company before yet another one of my closer frenz leaves me for aust n ill juz be left here in sunny s'pore... juz hangin... on my own.. winter break.. i shall
oh god back to life now..sleepy ape

Isaac said...