Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Forgive my last post. i'm prone to ranting on my blog. i'm actually a very angry person. hee hee.

Well the past week has been rife with regards to the Cambodian Tragedy.

Although i do not know them, i feel sad that these guys were taken at the prime of their lives. And to their family and frens. My heart goes out to them. Yesterday i read a tribute blog to one of the guys. and Sarah McLachlan's Angel was playing. I was reading a particular post about how he and his fren were supposed to do alot of things but now they cannot.

At that moment i lost it. I started crying and singing along to Sarah. Yeah ok i know it sounds silly and stupid but it was so touching and i was sad about it too. i am but only human.

i guess this tragedy has made alot of people, especially youths, really think about life and wat are the important things in life. In other words wake up their idea. these men taken in the prime of their lives. sighs. how fragile is life and so uncertain is the future.

I guess i should appreciate my frens more eh? and my family....

Familia - Loves ya! although i get irritated sometimes. vice versa

Frens - i may be moody and bitchy or abit of an ass... sowwie. And even though u guys always make me wait long long at train stations and wandering around random stores awaiting ur arrival. (oh u know who u are) i not that angry. i guess u guys more than made up for it by all the laughs and bitching we hav afterwards.

But we have to move on.

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