Wednesday, March 03, 2004

! You are most like a diamond !
Unique, Gorgeous, but pretty selfish. That just
about sums you up.
You're not the deepest of puddles, but no doubt
you're the
prettiest. You pretty much think the world revolves
around you,
, making you very greedy and vain. However you are
unique! You're
demanding, but like a diamond - you are probably
worth it. You are
like a diamond because you are one of the prettiest
gems worth looking at.
Congratulations ... You're the most beautiful gem
around, but chances are, you already thought
that anyway.

?? Which Precious Gem Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

how hilarious is that quizz? I? the most gorgeous? a priceless gem? unique? greedy and vain? HAHAHAHA! please do not make me laugh. it is hilarious i tell you. me? a diamond? i am laughing so hard my testicles are around my ankles. hahaha.

that aside.

sunflower watch: as i was walking to water my plants at the greenhouse, it started to rain. how fucking irritating is that? i came all the way to do wat? stand around in the rain issit?

on other news: my borther is irritating the shit out of me. but i have patience i shall persevere ( is taht how you spell it? ) it is all a test.

oh oh. i have advice.

if you are feeling depressed. go out and buy underwear. and buy it from john little coz they have a sale. yes SALE. i jus bought 3 pairs of Byford Hipster underwear for like 10 bucks! the usual price was like 20! i love them. they are soo soft. i luve my underwear. sigh.
it was about time!

remember the post i had up about SKAterboi and Sammi Cheng? finally it came true. sheesh. took them a while.

Monday, March 01, 2004

ok i am back. i noe that was abit short but i am bored and i dunno wat else to draw on my landscaping project so i am here. haha.

reading friendster testi (cles) and well it makes me depressed. people hav nothing nice to say bout me. yes i now i am bitchy, bossy, loud, sacarstic and the list goes on and on. sad.

oh ya on matter pertaining to the tagboard. yes it does not work. let it remain as sad reminder of how things used to be when lotsa people came and read my blog and left their rave reviews and wonderful comments on my tagboard. let it be a reminder for future generations!

oh wait. that was not how it used to be. just the bloody opposite. and beside i cannot be bother to change tagboard servers.

oh my god. see how i just changed from happy to pissed off. i can be unpredictable as the wind.

sometimes i can be the shyest thing in the world. that day something weird happened in the train on my way home. and i cannot BELIEVE i was so shy like. oh my god i was beating myself up that day. but i guess that day was one of those days i was pissy and i had a really bad cold so i was not really up to meeting new people. sigh. oh well.

oh i have soo many things planned for the one week break but as all things in my life, it is not going to happen. so i cannot be bother to type out watever i have planned only for it to not happen so i am not telling.

lets do a sunflower watch. coz as my classmate should noe we are growing sunflowers! so update on my sunflowers is:

ok i cannot do that coz i did not g oto skool todae. haha. next time maybe.

when ever we meet or greet!