Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

so today is Good Friday. which in Australia means nothing is open and nobody works. period. so everybody is forced to be stuck at home and basically do nothing. thank god today was a rainy day. i woke up after a massive night which ended early. so i dunno it is considered massive or not since it ended early. but anyways..... woke up at 2pm in the afternoon and spent the whole day till now, watching Sex and the City. how exciting.

which made me realise a few things. such as how much i like the sound of my fingers on a keyboard. the click clack of the keys as i type sumthing out. and to that extent the written word, or in this case the typed word. its just very calming and peaceful to write and make sentences in my head. in the sumwhat silence of my own room.

its wonderful. i'm feelign very Carrie bradshaw now. sorry i tend to be carried away in the shows that i watch. at one time i was feeling all Gilmore Girls, all giggly and witty and talkign really fast. but that didn't appeal to the masses. boo!

actually i dun know why i'm blogging, just for the fact that i wanted to hear the click clack of the keys as i type them out. but i had soem fantabulous ideas taht i wanted to type out lol. well maybe after i toy wit them after a few days. its like wine and men. its get better with age ;)

so anyways this blog post has no purpose watsoever besides the fact that! i just had to write sumthing. and sumthing i did write. lol. ok fien lets make it have a purpose. lets see. let throw caution to the wind.

ok actually the inspirration has left me lol. till next time then hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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