Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Winters Coming

its been getting colder the past few days here in good ole Brissy. means winter is coming and its time to whip out all those sweaters and scarves and cardigans. and its also time to stop eating. goddammit!!! i've been like eating non stop man. i think its the cold =(

pretty lanterns at Buddha's Birthday celebrations

so whats been happening for the past week. well alot of things taht i will not mention. lol. but there was alot of studying i must say and hanging out wit frens and wasting alot of money so yeah so now i'm technically broke. yeap yeap. broke i am. so no going out this week. or shopping. or eating out. ok i'll make concessions on eating out. lol.

anyways other news. Sleepy said i was balding. which i think is true. gggrrr.... sad fact of life la. the top of my head is thinning. how? is it coz i colored my hair? balding at 25..terrible isn't it.. i'm liek Prince William. well at least he's a prince. and my hair is suddenly super limp and weak. why? tell me why? oh the horror. of my thinning hair.

anyways for those Brissians and former students studying in Brisbane here's abit of new for you. the whole GreenFlea Markets has ended with the markets now being managed by the same ppl that manage SouthBank Markets. its not that SouthBank market is not good. its jsut that GreenFlea at WestEnd has a whole different feel to it. like its rough and hippie and relaxed and happy and bohemian. SouthBank markets are overpriced and touristy and clean and sanitized. like totally different.

and the company thats taking over is a Sydney based company. i dunno there is alot of controversy over it. for one, why change something when its already running so well and peopel like it the way it is?
is it coz its not wheel chair accesible?
is it coz its not pram friendly?
too much ppl traffic is killing the grass?

but if u were there u would know that the space does not allow for such things and people make do. we give way to moms with prams and people in wheelchairs. and the grass issue is just bullshit. its a public park for gods sake. oh well. the issue is closed and done. Green Flea is no more. and its sanitized. i wonder how much of the multicultural diversity the new management will preserve as they have stated in the papers. we will see.

and speaking fo takeovers. the silly AWARE saga has reached my ears over here in Brissyland. and all i can say is.

Josie and her gang are for a lack of a better word. twats.

like come on. if u want to take over sumthing, the best way is to infiltrate it slowly and weasel ur way to the top. its an NGO leh nota buisness. such coporate takeover will fail for sure. and wit the Dr? Prof? Thio mentoring the takeover. WTH. when she came clean wit that statement, it all fell apart. and saying tat AWARE was promoting homosexuality. like she's a lawyer. doesn't she know that tolerating homosexuality and promoting hmosexuality are 2 different matters.

just coz AWARE accepts and helps women of all backgrounds including lesbians means they are promoting homosexuality? thats kinda narrow minded way of thinking no? AWARE is a womens group, means they help all women of all races, religion and sexual orientation irregardless. as long as ur a women AWARE is there for you. silly Josie and her pussycats. and firing the centre manager? WTH was that for? i'm glad they stepped down.

i'm not saying i have a problem wit pro family christians. but if u feel so strongly about pro family values why not start ur own christian womens group? its very unethical to take over a secular organization and wanting it to be christian pro family with the thinking taht everything is gonna be fine and dandy. thats just silly. so at the end of the day i have no problem wit their values of profamily and chritian-ness. all views are welcome and yeah pro family is good in some contexts. but the problem i have or had is the manner in which they took over AWARE and how they tried to mould it to their agenda. thats all. but its all settled now. go Old Guard. ok thats my 2 cents lol.

after that amazing rant.

well i did go to Paddington this week to explore further up the street and apparently its more high end vintage stuff up there. kool really kool stuff but, i can't afford it lol. maybewhen i have more money i will come back =D but i did but a cardigan for 3 dollars lol. but i never take picture la. instead here's some picture of bugs in jars.

namely spiders and centipedes =D

i love preserved bugs and animals. i really hope though that i could liek work in a museum with the dead bugs and animals. that would the coolest. well tahts all for this week's tuesday blog. till next time. toodles

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