Tuesday, May 12, 2009

halloween!!!! HALLOWEEN!!!!

oh yeah i know its months away till halloween... but i'm just blasting Marilyn Manson's This Is Halloween... i love that song... all versions of it... u know that song from Nightmare before Christmas?

this one lol.... this is the original not the manson version.

so whats been going on for the past week? nothing much... oh wait.. been killing myself over assignments lol.. and i'm yet again... or maybe its jsut the sniffles. its not a full blown flu episode just my nose is stuffed and abit weak. oh and the sneezing. alas its not swine flu. i blame it on the weather. it is getting chilly...

so had a very busy weekend wit dinners and projects and assignments... thus too much fun makes kookyplum a sick boy... and i hate it coz its like the type where u are sick and not sick at the same time... well pic of the week...

its a persimmon. yes. i know =D

there is not much to share on this tuesday blog. i just feel like curling up in bed and just sleeping. although i know i have a bazillion assignments to do and stuff. bleargh.

went to Paddy again this week but nah somehow the things didn't seems so interesting. and i went to Annerly..some how i dunno what the hype is about. kinda lack luster in the oppt shops. i think maybe coz ppl already took all the kool stuff and left the not so kool stuff behind. next stop is Salvos Warehouse at Glenrosa Rd. gotta ask sleepy to take me there, lol.

sorry dudes and dudettes. here ends my tuesday post for this week. feeling shit as.

till next time.

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