Friday, October 10, 2008

Its Fridae

lol its friday... skool is gonna end in 2 and half weeks... lol...
i have nothing to blog la.. just bored i guess... so here another arab singer.. oh yes i love my arab pop lol!
i might have featured her on my blog before.. she is MIRYAM FARES...
sexy kitten she is... like to jiggle her body lol... and she has GORGEOUS CURLY HAIR...
she is so pretty... music is alright la... have listen lol...

Waheshni Eih (I Missed You)
nice car chase scenes. and with subtitles.

live version plus Hahglik Rahtak ( i'm gonna give u trouble)
this one got hot belly dancers lol

anyways widen ur horizons and watch and listen to the youtubes lol!!!
off to club... hee hehe heee

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