Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hallowed Halls

its really quiet in UQ at night. really quiet and peaceful. except for the odd security dudes taht walk around. but it makes u feel safer that there are security ppl around. but yeah quiet and peaceful. especially last night, when the wind was blowing and the night was cool. the rain had just stopped and the ground was damp and the air was moist. its just one of those nights.

one of those nights that good for thinking about stuff. u know...stuff.

i'm gonna start whinging now. about skool. the pressure is mounting and the workload increasing. but i'm not complaining...much. i think i'm finally getting the hang of things in the arts faculty. i guess arts handles words and ideas in comparison to science which handles facts and things or stuff. but its all good. getting better. just have to be more focus-ed. likes siriously. i just need to be more disciplined. unlike now. ok i'll do my readings after i blog okay!!! i nvr did so much reading in my undergrad lol.

so far wat has been going on.... besides school....

well had a night out at the quintessential brisbane asian uni student party.... .Reiji.... lol. if ur an asian student studying in brisbane, u need to go there at least once. its where all the asians are.word. lol. but yeah had a blast. it was good to see familiar faces. and new faces as well....

and i set up my volunteering work at the Insect Collection. yay pinning bugs!! all the pretty pretty bugs.....

so yeah i'm updating u on all the boring stuff lol. wat about the scandals and gossip!! umm dun have lor. if have also i cannot tell you. hee hee hee.

thats all folks for now.

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