Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So Far

So far i have had classes and seminars for my new course. and well i've nvr felt more dumb. lol i'm serious. its like i go into class and go "wat the fuck" is going on. i mean i was expecting this. like i'm moving from a science background to a totally different arts program.

but hey use such big words like didatic and provenance and such. i dun even know if i spelt them correctly. gah!

i guess i have to change my way of thinking and get into the flow of the course. like wateva happened to "there is only talent and hard work" ? so yeah i better get my ass off and start working. hard.

other than feling in adequate in skool lol. life's pretty ok. its just hot. very hot. and sweaty. which is good kinda if u had a partner but just annoying if ur alone lol. oh yeah kinky thoughts please.

i'm just rambling. i better get my ass out of the house to go to skool tomorrow and get some work done coz even though i dun have that many classes. i sure as hell have alot of things to do. lol

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