Saturday, April 12, 2008

Room Pics

well as i promised i cleaned my room during my friday ritual of being a Desperate Housewife.... i did my laundry and mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned my room and vaccuum the carpet and took a nap and ate some ice cream... isn't it fabulous ;P well so anyways here are my room pics as promised. its not very big but its cosy and i like it coz the bed is comfy and springy and got big window. be amazed at the green-ness!!

Half the room... nothing much to say aye...

Table. i can't even do my work properly coz i can't put my legs in the table to sit properly
so i do most of my work on my bed :)

Bed!!! no action here but its comfy.. i love my green doonah!!! they calls quilts, doonahs

the mess that is my clothes.. i dunno why iput this picture here but oh well who cares i'm a person who practice organized chaos... as long as i know where my things den its alright.
and also i've been listening to the new Madonna song wit Justin... i love the beat but somehow the meaning of the words excape me... why do they have 4 mins to save the world? is it coz uneed to make more babies coz they keep asking people to grab a boy and a girl. presumably to have sex and make babies to save the world but i dunno... anyway tahts my current playlist.... just one freaking song... oh wait still got leona lewis and pink...
hah so anyways till next time!!!

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