Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm Back!

i won't blog much about my trip. i realised i prefer to blog about things wen they are fresh. now it seems that i have lost the moment. it has passed. but anyways heres a expansion of my previous post.

  • crazy immigration at Queensland!: Ok i realised how fast the singapore immigrations after standinf for close to an hour at the Queensland one. i seriously dunno wat takes them so long. taht goes the same to getting on the bus and waiting for my tray to be cleared on my Qantas flight. seems like aussie like to take it slow.

  • Different kinds of asians: Brisbane is crawling with asians. and i realised u can sorta pic kout the different countries out quite easily from wat they wear and how they speak. like for example how u can easily pick out a Singaporean wen they open their mouth or a Hong Konger for that matter too. and there are those fashionably quirky Japanese and the very practical China chinese with their windbreakers. it was fun guessing.

  • crazy asian tourists!: Asian tourist. Camera. Nuff said.

  • Gnomes! Real Gnomes!: Haha. this is cute. i was a garden/park wit my frens and we spotted this 3 elderly folks in sweaters and all taht. the cute thing was they were wearing matching brown beanies! soo cute. they look like garden gnomes coz there they were walkin around the garden sniffing flowers and looking at the plants. so cute i think i have a pic of them somewhere. they are soo cute.

  • Super Cold Weather: i was up at Toowoomba. apparently it s this city/town somewhere up on a hill near Brizbane. i and tell you. its fucking freezing. the winds chill you the bone and it even worse at night. after that wen we returned to brizbane, the weather there was nothing. heh.

  • Snoring And Sneezing : oh my god. i snore. and i sneezed like no ones fuck buisness for the fisrt few days. acclimatization is shit stuff.

  • Bloody Backpackers & Bloody Nose: due to the fact that i sneezed quite alot and the weather was dry, my nose bleed quite abit. that wasn't very interesting was it. heehee. and i was a bloody backpacker lugging my big bag around gold coast and surfers paradise. sheesh.

ok you may think that my holidays were kinda boring. it not. just that i decided not to post about the more interesting bits lest they be used againset me in the future. hahaha.

oh my god. the stupid things i did. ok rather one really stupid thing i did. one really super duper stupidest thing i did. which might end up making me lose a fren. sigh. don't get drunk thats all i have to say.

till next time, which i think will be later, see ya. i'll upload the photos soon.

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