Monday, July 16, 2007

Coming Soon....

That is if i can get my lazy hands to start typing it. i mean i have the idea already but typing it is sooo daunting. sigh.

So here was wat i was going to blog about.....

The Zodiac Signs according to me. sounds good doesn't it? i mean i have been observing ppl thru out the years and realised that people do share certains traits with people of the same star sign. i just wanted to share my observations with u people. but the problem is out of the 12 signs, i have mainly really observed a few. i have not met people of certain star signs or rather i did really observed them and noticed their behaviour.

So out of the 12 i can really comment on the following:
  1. Aries: i have alot of experience wit Aries people
  2. Gemini: My brother is a gemini and so are some frens i have. so yeah.
  3. Cancer: i know a few Cancerians and their crabby ways
  4. Leo: Peculiar bunch.
  5. Virgo: thats my star sign. so i should know.
  6. Libra: I know a few librans. my mom is one.

So So star signs:

  1. Taurus
  2. Scorpio
  3. Pisces

The rest i really cannot say anything about them. people in my life tend not to be Sagittarius, Capricorns and Aquarius.

So we will see how lah ok? its a good idea for a blog post eh? i know it is so bloody helll ppl better not steal my idea! but to tide u over the my absense of a real blogpost here Dame Shirley Bassey.

Don't know who Dame Shirley Bassey is? Shame on you! Anyways she a singer from the good ole days. and the Queen made her a Dame, so she must be something eh. so here she is doing her version of Pink's Get This Party Started. Originally an ad for Marks and Spencers but they made it into a full video. Its Rocking! love the style of it.


Yahn said...

what u mean Pisces are "soso star signs"? Do I sound soso or look soso to you?

First thing first, what star sign are you!? Hope you are not ahguarius.


kOoKy pLuM said...

It means i only know the pisces star sign as so so.. i don't really know pisceans... no ok i not ahguarius...

i'm a virgo the virgin... hee hee..