Monday, July 02, 2007

Greetings!!! From The Land DownUnder

I Missed You..... Did You Miss Me?

Anyways!....i saw gnomes in australia! can u believe it? really i did. 3 of them! in a garden smeling the flowers. they were so cute...i'll post pics soon ok. anyways i'm blogging from UQ Gatton eh. Not a bad place.

it seems i missed a great deal whle i was away... the medics bbq and all... ya i think it was a miss planning on my part... i soo miss u guys... i'll be be back soon...
soon to come on BootifulSoup!!!
  • crazy immigration at Queensland!
  • Different kinds of asians
  • crazy asian tourists!
  • Gnomes! Real Gnomes!
  • Super Cold Weather
  • Snoring And Sneezing
  • Bloody Backpackers & Bloody Nose

Oh and so much more. so far it has been good. but i really miss guys more than you guys know.

see ya soon.... i'll be back, if this is how i feel going on holidays and being away for 10 days, god knows how i'll survive going away for my studies... hee hee...

See ya soon...

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