Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yma Sumac

Well frens and countrymen and fellow earthlings. i have officially finished my degree course... now comes the sickening part of waiting for my results... for those who are still doing their exams good luck and don't despair.. and why are u reading this if ur supposed to be studying? lol.

anyho i have realised that sitting in the exam hall, many strange things go on in ur mind. or at least in my mind. like its so quiet and its jsut you and ur paper. and my mind starts to think wild things. that when i have nothing to write about or just wasting time since u can't leave 30mins before the paper ends. so u tend to day dream.

like it dawned upon me that i am a graduate now. or soon rather lol. its like wow i going to have a degree and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

and also i went to the Uni Physiotherapy Clinic. Coz u know i'm cheap and they need subjects to test their skills on. but it was good i think. my shoulder feel more sore than it did before coz he did some pulsating massage thing.i dunno i'll give it a few days. apparently it gets fluids moving and helps in healing. hopefully.

they did spend a good deal of time trying to figure out wat was wrong wit my shoulder. and they and yes they coz there was my physio and his supervisor and another student. wow a whole team just for me!! i'm touched. lol.

anyho apparently i strained or pulled a strange useless muscle that doesn't do anything. and its under the clavicle or collar bone. which i guess makes sense. or it could be a nerve thing. but yeah i'll give it a week or rather another week.

i stumbled upon this AMAZING singer.. her name is YMA SUMAC... she a peruvian singer and she has an amazing vocal range of 5 OCTAVES... thats even better than Mariah Carey... take that!!

sadly she passed away on 1 nov this year. but her music lives on. she was famous in the 50s as a singer of Exotica music which has no words just sounds and imitation of nature noise. and when u listen to some of her songs its just INSANE and CRAZY!!!! but somehow strangely alluring... that youtube is one of her more conventional and mainstream songs its Gopher Mambo. there is a remix of it out there on youtube but dammit can't post it up coz embedding disabled. but i'll LINK YOU TO IT. the remix ROCKS its AWESOME...

this one may sound familiar coz it was used in the Magnum Ad in Australia... u know the one where the hot babes are worshipping this giant Magnum? lol. in this she sounds like a bird and like seriously its super high pitch.

and yes my frens i am currently obsessed wit YMA SUMAC pronounced eeema suuu-mack. i think she's awesome. may she rest in peace. hope she's smiling somewhere in heaven know people still rock out to her music.

so besides rocking out to Yma Sumac... i'm just being a desperate housewife u know cleaning stuff and packing stuff.... i'm also jsut waiting for acceptance letter for my post grad work... when will it come!!! i need to apply visa u know!! lol...

any hooo ha... i guess thats enuff ranting from me. lol. super long post with 2 youtube videos!! thats major. congratulations and u can relax for getting to the end of my long post. w00t....

till the next time.toodles.

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