Sunday, November 09, 2008


wat an apt title for a blog post that will not happen. lol. i had grand ideas about this blog post. oh yes the grandest of all ideas. complete wih a circus and clowns in a car. oh and lets not for the flying pigs from airpork. and fireworks! have to have fireworks!


anyways i think i'll just blog tomorrow. or later. in the day seeing thats its already 3!! but it may appear as 1am. oh well u catch what i'm getting at don't you?

just that when u actually sit and want to blog it down. u just feel lazy. and such is life.

and i'm hungry. but i'm fat. can't workout coz of injuries. so how? so how?



Psyfig said...

Save money for liposuction.


I'm kidding, you're NOT fat.
Maybe psychologically to you, but not physically.

kOoKy pLuM said...

i'm emotionally fat!! lol
if there is ever such a thing.