Friday, April 09, 2010

new Beginnings

Well i must say that it is quite late for new beginnings. it is April after all... but i say better late than never. so this is a new beginning for this blog.

i do wish i had a life to blog about. i am still a statistic. a number on the unemployment tab. yes life is harsh.

Pretty flowers by the roadside

oh well. might as well use the time i have to do productive things such as baking.

That's the Lime Meltaway Cookies i tried to make. Except they weren't very lime-ish and they weren't very meltaway-ish. seems this recipe needs some tweaking. MORE LIME JUICE I SAY.

ok so anyways i'll try to update this space more often. with exciting things? and happening happenings? yes yes? lol ok till next time.

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