Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Same Ole Same Ole

it seems nowadays i start my blog posts with the statement that i have not been blogging or updating often enuff. and thid post is no different! hah!

so i shall blog coz i have nothing to do. well i do have things to do but at this current point in time. 2.30 am to be exact i really don't feel like doing anthing sitting here in my room in the dark. so i will just let my fingers do the walking or typing in this case...

lets see...

exams are around the corner... like seriously around the corner... like in june which is like... around the corner... and semester is ending... ending... real soon... like in 1 1/2 weeks... that soon... don't u think its quite boring that everytime i blog i talk about skool? yeah its boring just like freaking plant biotechnology!!

i just deleted a whole paragraph... i dunno why....

the moon is shining into my room again.. i'm not sure why but it seems like it rotated back to shine into my room again. i love it.

I did not decorate the moon upon my palm
I did not make any relationship with the stars
I did not make any accusation to God
I have hidden every sorrow
I have laughingly taken on every pain
I have even embraced thorns
And have taken wounds from flowers
Yes but in prayer when I raised these hands
Oh yes but in prayer when I raised these hands
From God in prayer I asked for you, oh asked for you
anyway now all this thinking of wat to blog has made me sleepy and ihave lecture at 8 in the morning! gasp! i should sleepy now... toodles. enjoys the song...


Anonymous said...

eh hakimesque!

you really reply me lah! eh so touching lah


sigh. i will listen to the song when the internet is faster!

for now
your fan

kOoKy pLuM said...

hakimesque... oh sounds like arabesque....

aiyah of course i reply la... i never cheat ur feelings...