Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trinny, Susannah and Carson

Its kookyplum’s take on how to dress well for boys. (as if I’m such a good looking person myself to give advice but those who can’t do, teach so…) anyways Boys always sounds better than men. And there are too many shows on tv that help women to dress. Wat about guys!!! So Lets get going. This is a continuation of the posts I have done before, my fashion rants on how to look hawt. Refer HERE and maybe HERE. So lets see.

So lets talk skin. Gorgeous skin. Goegeous blemish free skin. Gorgeous blemish free hairless smooth skin. Freaking gorgeous skin…. If u have freaking gorgeous skin den ur hotness level just went up a few notches. Like I’m serious. I realize the good skin trumps having a good body. U can have a hot ripped body but ur face like volcano eruption then eeeewww….. so long as u have crystal clear skin ur all set… and it will be good also if u have healthy rosy cheeks. So if u don’t have nice skin, me included den u better get on it….

And if ur hairless den good for u as well… it seems that the general public both straight or otherwise prefer hairless men. Well maybe except for the pubes and maybe some hair on the legs is fine and of course the head. But hair on other places like the armpits or chest is deemed unsexy or rather not preferable. Blame it on the Chinese persuasion. Real men or boys have hair!

Interesting observation : do you think that men are becoming more women like in their quest to look good? Like hairlessness and eye brow plucking… and gasp! Make up!!

Oooo!!! Have I mentioned about velvet skin? Ok I wouldn’t say it’s a rare type of skin but I’ve noticed it quite a few times here and there in Singapore. Usually found on Chinese boys (where else) and usually they are tanned and sporty. And their skin looks like velvet. I wouldn’t know about wether or not it feels like velvet.. I don’t go around stroking people’s arms but I’m sure it feels velvety smooth aswell. Gorgeous skin that.

So here’s the part where I give guru like advice about how to get gorgeous skin. Well I dunno. I’m struggling with my own skin issues but I guess u have to have a good skin care regime and drink many water and exercise because keeping fit and sweating keeps the pores clean. That’s my take on it.

Well so the point is.. one of the keys to looking hot is well having good skin and a smooth hairless body. Most of us have figured that out somewhere along the line so till the next time I feel like telling people how to look their best. Toodles.

Until then. Back to my boring emo posts.

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Anonymous said...


good skin and a smooth hairless body

aiyoh kims. tonight i was just thinking that your legs look mightly sexy with that thin sheath of hair, does it mean that i, too, agree that less hair is the way to go?!

haiyah hakimesque. i also want crystal clear skin lah how ah how

blog more okie. i like to read your blog. this ben's adventfantasy is like lost somewhere in the gobi desert being smooth and hairless like a good chink. that guy like don't know simi update simi sai one. you are the best lah hakimesque. JIA YOU! keep up the good work!