Sunday, June 08, 2008

Silent Night

No its not christmas sillies.... its just that the night is very quiet plus the odd baby crying/giggling or is it one of those odd australian birds? oh well i dunno who or wat makes sounds in the silence of the night...anywho this post is brought to you after almost 2 hours.. yes u read it right 2 hours of facebook surfing. oh my gawd.... i officially can be declared bored shitless out of my mind. do i get a certificate? well at least i got to see lots of pretty pictures... gosh my quota is gonna go

its officially 4 am in the morning australian time.. eastern.. i jsut had to pen down a few thoughts down coz tis been bugging me for quite some time. and i woke up tonight to see wether my usual msn kaki was around, he was not so that lead me to the facebook binge. but thats another whinge for another day...

ok i would like to say that i've seen many things in my 20 odd years that i've been around.. i observe things and people...i study them in my own way.. i understand the world in my own special way...and there are a few things i have observed... mainly 2 things about people...

most (ok 99.9999%) people only want to talk about themselves. to that extent they want you to listen to their problems. yes me included. but recently i decided that even if i whinge/complain about my problems, people somehow don't really care/listen. so now i've lessen my complaining. there is really no point. yes i still do complain but to a certain extent about trivial things like the weather or exams. but issues concerning my inner being are only reserved for those who truly listen. u know who u are. and i in turn listen to your problems back. thanks you!

second thing about people is...people can make up their own mind. humans usually know wat they want already. they just ask for ur advice for reassurance and confirm their choice and garner support for that said choice because its scary to be alone, even in a decision. once again i do this too. usually if they ask for your opinion, tell them wat u think. if they keep asking you jsut politely repeat ur opinion. but soemtimes it gets to the point that u know they want it, so at that point of time just say "do it" or " yes its very nice". i'm sure people do it to me all the time.

that said. i do not like to give advice all that often nowadays. i feel its no point. also because people don't really take my advice or actually u know process it in their heads. somehow i come off as not knowing anything much about life. "pfft... wat does kooky know" i get that alot. its alright. people learn on their own. i can't impose myself on everyone thats just too tiring. we all make mistakes and learn. i'm not saying that i',m always right. often i am wrong. and there are many people out there who are already "self righteous" so i don't have to be one.

u know. i've been described as neutral. i always try to see the thru the other side of the mirror. i mean its only fair. one single person is not the center of the universe, there are other people u know. they have their own motives and reasons. i try, keyword is try, to understand why something is done in such a way or why. i never really hate anybody to the core (that happens very rarely). i don't find a small piece of a person character that is irritating and condemn them forever. a person is so much more than that. yes he/she might have some less than perfect behaviour but thats just who they are. no one is perfect. hallo! u might just very well be irritating to some people. i know i am hahaha. i guess thats why most people jus stick to one mindset. its so much easier and simpler to just see the world thru your own eyes, in your own way. its very tiring to do otherwise trust me. and ur always against so many other people that impose ur their "ego" on you. so most of the time i keep quiet and secretly keep to myself.

but i'm not saying that i know and understand everything in this freaking universe. although wat i've written so far seems to imply it. thats not the case. i know very little. but the little i do know i value above all else. yeah sounds contradictory, u can what i wrote anyway u want. hey free will!

u know sometimes i i feel that i'm a silent observer of life. constantly looking and learning about humans and their strange ways. i never meddle in people's lives unless they really want me to or are in desperate need of help. other than that i am just my silly self, spouting nonsensical musings and random facts to whoever cares to listen.

KookY... That Is Who i Am...


Anonymous said...


so sweet lah. i found you. you found me tuu

aiyah you right lah you right lah. i also always like to only talk about myself lah and i also already make up my mind one lah. i talk a lot lah hakimesque. but i want you to know lah if you ever need a listening ear i will be there to listen! i got four ears now lah after all! might as well make use of all of them!

sigh. we will see each other on wednesday lah and we will quiver at each other across the central examination hall

i haven't studied yet lah it's already jiu dian shi yi fen. but ask sammy don't scold me lah i am going to study VERY VERY SOON. if not tonight, then tomorrow. soompa. okie you go and study! we all go and study! like you say, we must all be possessed for the next couple of weeks!

Herman said...

whoa! who's hakimesque? haha.. uni fren huh?
well, i can see that u've been ur usual self lately, analyzing stuff and also the people around you. tin u're just stressed up about ur exams u juz needed to go back to ur hobbay again huh?
alot of those things u say is very, VERY true tt it's scary. sometimes er realize all that but we try not to tin about it or even feel guilty about it.
but for me i guess everyone's life and every single situation has its own uniqueness and difference so sometimes the same concept cant be applied.
life is so full of surprises, i guess as long as we're happy with how we live our own lives we'll all be fine.
take care kooky!

Rodi said...