Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life Is A Stuuuuupid Waiting Game...

Don't u think so? even if we set out to seize the day! or to get opportunities, we would still have to wait it things to come our way and grabbing before it passes. its jsut more waiting and waiting and waiting till we die.... even so we would still have to wait, i'm sure.. to see wether there is Q at heavens gate or the brimstone pools of hell... ah well... suck it up...

well exams are finally coming to an end... which would be quite a relief if it wasn't for the fact that exams comes with grades. So now begins the agonizing wait for the exam results. its a terrible vicious cycle i tell you. see its waiting again.

anyho. i lvoe the way my hair curls in that picture hahaha. i loved it so i'm putting it on!! w00ts!

So the holidays or rather winter break is here. 4-ish weeks of no skool.. so wat is a boy to do? most of the singaporean peeps are heading back to Singapore (duh where else??) so there are only a few of us left here to hold the fort so to speak. well someone has to keep the asian quota in Brisbane, no? hahaha. i figure that i'll be spending most of my tiem at home. going out cost money and i don't really feel like working. so heres a list (oh i haven't done a list in ages!)

  • First i might go exploring the city by myself. i dunno i'll wander around the place although i dunno wats so great about it. Brisbane prove me wrong.
  • i wanna go visit the museums around the city. i'm a sucker for museums.
  • Crochet more stuff!! i've fallen in with crochet!! and after last weekends yarn binge buying yeah i need to finish up my yarn and crochet things!
  • Do random artsy stuff. like draw stuff and make soft toys! i so need to make soft toys. there are so many ideas running in my head about wat things i wanna craft and make. i did this pondering during one of my papers. haha
  • i'm seeking to volunteer my services to the skool's insect collection. i dunno jsut to keep me busy i suppose. the curator hasn't got back to me yet though.

list done! tahts a short list isn't it? well then again it is just a short break anyways. soon i'll be zipping back and forth from skool. trying understand once again wat is going on in the lecture. i guess time passes faster that way.

and soon before u know it!

i'll be leaving on a jet plane back to singapore. yeah i think about that alot. things and people i left behind. i dunno why people say that living overseas is much better than living in Singapore. usually these people are the ones that only visit for holidays and of course holidays are meant to make u feel better. but lemme tell you, after living here... I THINK SINGAPORE IS A MUCH BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN. in terms of public services and ease to transportation and all that. trust me living in singapore is much better.

eurgh.. i should stop ranting and continue revising for my korean exam. dammit.


Anonymous said...

eh kims! cannot like that like that imagine things during exam lah! although during my stupid chikungunya exam i gave up all hope and started doodling possible mark outcomes on that extra sheet of work paper they gave us

see you at 10 in the morning lah!

and your hair looks curlilicious, baybay. ooh la la

sigh. would be lovely if someone would make ME a soft toy.....

kidding lah kidding lah. me and my not-so-subtle innuendo lah. see you tomorrow morning!!!!!!! -big grin-

:) chuns said...


i didn't see your tag until now. okay i lie. i saw it i just haven't bothered to reply till now heh heh heh. well hi.

i totally agree with you fellow stuck-down-under-can't-go-home-singaporean.

how's the holidays treating ya?