Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cold Cold Night

This post is brought to u as i freeze in the middle of an australian winters night...
ok seriously i have been on a yarn buying rampage the past few days.. like how much yarn can a person have? apparently like shoes u can never have enough yarn... i got many many colour and textures and it didn't help that Lincraft and Spotlight were having their year end sale... terrible.. and i tot that my maniacal spending spree would end.. but...
on sat i went to the markets and lo and behold!!

read the label!!! its possum!!! possum yarn!!! can u believe it??? apparently its from new zealand where possums have been declared a pest and they trap and cull the possums to well why not use the fur for sumthing instead of letting it go to waste... and also apparently it only comes by once every 5 years coz the possum fur only can be accumulated in such numbers only after 5 or so years... amazing i had to get some... i got 2 skeins... hahaha

so with this sudden influx of yarn there have been a few problems.. okay maybe just one... my floos has become a trap.. like there are so many random yarn balls, spilling their threads and not helping is my laptop wires and my handphone charger wire... my floor in front of my bed has become a veritable trip trap... if ever there is such a thing.. quite irritating wen wires and yarn get tangled around ur foot... guess i need a clean up!!!
so wats a boy to do with so much yarn?

aiyah very cute or not!!!!???? there are called the U.S.A.M.I.S.A.U. it means...... U Stare At Me, I Stare At You.... and yes they look oddly phallic but it wasn't intentional okay!! but anyways i modified the shape to make it less phallic... pics of the new things soon... anyways thats about it i guess....toodles

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Anonymous said...

eh kims! you got a quartet of the slightly suggestive looking you-sam-eye-sows! so cute lah

sigh. the poor possums lah. but really lah. actually since they are pests might as well not wait five years. who cares about throwing the ecosystem out of balance. more yarn lah!

kampate. yosh!

exams out in fifteen minutes kims

jia you