Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Well i achieved my 2 goals i set out for myself this sunday. which was to wake up really late and to clean my room. ok maybe achieved one goal and half of the other ;P

I really did wake up late today like 1pm. oh how i love to wake up late. only downside is that there was noone to wake up to. sadz. and i somehow had a really really sad drem that i couldn't remember wat it was but it was really sad. and i woke up crying. silly innit? and i woke up with my right eye closed shut. like coz of eye gunk. and wen i managed to pry it open my right eye was like BLOODSHOT and SWOLLEN. how sad.

i ate a gigantic bowl of spaghetti (more on that later) and proceeded to carry out my next goal. which was to clean my room. my room is UBER dusty. no matter many times it is swept, there will always be a fine layer of dust. so anyhoo.... i cleaned up half of the mess. and i got bored and stared at the ceiling for abit then i decided to come online. w00t! so maybe after dinner i shall continue on my quest.

The mess! Considering how small my room is. This mess has taken over my floor space.

Sorry for the blurness, me hands shaky.

Virgin Fashion Show.

Oh my oh me! Yesterday i went to my very first ever posh fashion show. oh yeah. My very first. I'm no longer a virgin (to fashions shows that is. sheesh).

it was the Autumn/Winter collection for Studio Prive. And my old classmate is one of the designers! w00t! and i got dragged to go. but it was such an eye opener and i felt very underdressed. Pics! ok lousy pics coz i didn't bring a camera but aiyah i just felt like putting them.

The Design Collective that put it together.

My fren's label iamwhoiam. and the glowstick bracelet which i got.

umm it was fun la this fashion thing. oh exciting. and such eye candy. hahahaha. ok more blogging later. Gilmore Girls is starting.

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