Tuesday, December 25, 2007


well christmas means nothing me coz i don't celebrate it. hah. nuff said.

been feeling my old fren melancholia alot lately.... maybe its the festive season and that why the reason for depression...maybe its the cheer in the air or happiness that is festering around... and people hav been asking me wat they can do to make me feel better....sigh if only it were that simple...

for wat i want is something u cannot give me.

and we all know wat that is...don't we? and if u dunno don't ask so much...

and also since i'm in the mood for italic/thoughts type of writing....

I got tired of waiting.
i give up.
i also read the little subtle signs.
and now i know wat i must do.
i must break my heart into a million pieces.
and from those pieces rebuild a heart of stone and ice.
but somehow my heart wishes not to be broken.
which makes it even more painful to bear.
i cling on to a thing called hope.
wishing it to be true.
yet knowing it is not.

So DRAMA rite....

anyways today is christmas and in a week or so...2007 will end... ahhh i must write my retrospect! shall think of it now...in the meantime enjoy ur holidays...

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JD said...

Bad Kharma. Kooky. Cheer up. good stuff dont go to people with bad kharma.