Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fair As the Moon

Today as i was sitting in the lrt, i noticed something when i happened to glance down at my hands. i noticed that my hands were soooo freaking fair. they were glowingly fair like luminescsent, like the moon. i was like wow!

yes i know i am very fair most ppl mistake me as chinese. hah! i didn't realise that i was that fair until i looked at my hands today. maybe it was a trick of light but it did glow like Nicole Kidman's skin. i was mightly amused.

also more happenings in the lrt....

i was randomly scrolling my mp3 player and found a song that i haven't listened to in a long long time... its Siti Nurhaliza and M Nasir with their song Bagaikan Sakti... i love this song... its just beautiful..

and for those of you who do not know any malay here is a translation of the chorus part... i am really to lazy to translate for you everything but it gives you the gist of the song... so beautiful la the song....

Jika ini hakikatnya / If This The Reality
Aku serahkan jiwa dan ragaku / I Will Surrender My Body and Soul
Menantimu walau sengsara / Even If I Suffer Waiting For You
Jika ini ketentuannya / If This Is the Certainty
Jika ini hakikatnya / If This Is The Reality
Aku serahkan jiwa dan raga / I Surrender My Body And Soul
Jika ini ketentuannya / If This is The Result
Kaukan jadi milikku jua / U Will Be Mine Forever

ok my malay is not that perfect but u get the idea of the song... farking sad romantic song of waiting and waiting endlessly for the one u love....

this of course is from the movie PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG.... i could like explain the whole damn legend about it but its very very long and i should just give you a link for you to read on ur own if you so wish...

Legend Of Puteri Gunung Ledang----> Click La

the movie changes the story abit but wat movies doesn't? hahahha ok enjoy the song...might blog to night if i so incline to do so.. or if feel really bored.. either or...

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