Monday, December 31, 2007

Crossing Over

This is a special post as it spans 2 years..... 2007 to 2008.....

well i dunno wat the hype about new years is about... i feel the significance but i do not get the urge to party and usher the new year wit a bang.... is it another excuse for us to escape our pathetic lives and pretend for that one glorious moment taht we are carefree and oh so glamorous?


to me the crossing of a new year is always bittersweet. memories of people and experiences of the year gone past. never to be re-lived again. but also the curiosity that is inherent in all of us of wat is to come for the new year. ah 2008 wat will u hav in store for me? love? perhaps? that i wish more than anything else. but i fear if i wished for something to hard and too much. i might not get it. well another year of wishful thinking it seems.


i thought hard and well about my resolutions for the new year. i hav a few in mind but i fear i might not be able to fulfil them, as with the resolutions of many years gone past. still i shall write them down. its tradition after all. as i was explaining to B.Bunee..... It is tradition for us to write New Years Resolutions and then we keep them for a year and never fulfil them. isn't that the fun and point of it all?

So this New Years Resolution for Year 2008 goes as follows.

  • To have all those superficial and shallow people fall for me and grovel at my feet. well how i do it? well that shall be a suprise.....
  • To get a degree. i must work on this. if my melancholia persists than i fear i might not be able too.
  • To return back to Singapore a new and improved person. World weary and hopefully wiser.
  • Seek Love. Haiz.......

Well that is enuff i guess. to keep me occupied for the next year. hopefully i'll survive and hopefully i'll be the same person although i highly doubt it. oh well we all grow and change.

Happy Fucking New Year 2008!!

To A Worse Year Yet!!!

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