Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things i Wanna Do!

Lets see i have a list of things i wanna do:

  1. Go to Singapore Art Museum. Got the Singapore Art Show i wanna go see.
  2. Go to Singapore River Markets. which is this weekend.
  3. Go cut my hair. its getting abit einstein.
  4. Go Botanic Gardens. Just coz i have not been there in awhile.
  5. Go watch a movie. I just feel like watching a movie.

Ahah 5 things i feel like doing this week. with the exception of cutting hair. all the rest needs people. well i could do it alone but then thats no fun. haiz. most probably not doing these things anyways. everyone is soooo busy.

1 comment:

Yahn said...

wanna watch The Campaign to Confer The Public Service Star JBJ on september 27?