Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Busy Busy Little Bees

Busy Busy Little Bees! Buzzing Around Here and There. Busy Working. Buzz Buzz.

Its seems my dears that EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE is sooo fucking busy now. Oooohh... i'm talking about my frens lah.... but they will be too busy to read this anyways.

First are the skooling people. WEll u know Uni has started and well everyone who is anyone studying is busy with skool. New projects and assignments. New frens to make. New boys/girls to chase. New people to f*ck. Oh old lecture mates to catch up with. So on and so forth u catch my drift. Thus skool in effect makes u a very busy person indeed.

Second are the working people. Oh working people are busy indeed. Most of them work normal office hours, some do not. but still all are working their ass off. For money if nothing else. People rarely work for passion or interest. but anyway bottom line is that people are working and working hard.

Third are the Army People. God knows if they are busy or not. but the point is that they are stuck in camp. With no internet access thus no msn.

All these people compared to me. A dude who has all the free time in the world. i'm not skooling at the moment and i work but part time. and i'm not in the army. i am FUCKING free. except that i have not much money to spend but other than that Fucking free! But wats the use of being Farking free if u got nobody to spend that FARKING FREE time wit?

Thus the usual suspects who i talk to on msn are not online coz they are busy or in camp or working. and nobody to go out with. thus my life has become a boring mundane mess.

BORING BORING MESS. Wake up. Eat Breakfast.Read Paper.Watch TV.Go to Work. Come Back.Eat.Go Online HOPING people come online to talk to. Sleep.

And the cycle continues. Goddamn it. Its seriously killing me slowly.

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