Monday, August 13, 2007


Oh dear blog... i have been neglecting you...

there is nothing to blog about these days.. lifes been stagnating abit... after Maad i've been thinking about life alot... and i realised that well my life is not as wat i hoped it to be...

yeah yeah i know, some of you might say that life is wat u make of it and u are responsible for ur own life but sometimes it just seems hopeless.... constanntly in this cycle or mundane life with nobody to share it wif. all the happy bits and all the sad bits. always alone. yes of course i have frens but they can only take so much of my whining. i don't want to bother them so much with it. they get tired of it coz its always the same story. hahaha... i'll promise to be happier wen we meet up.

oh well life's been pretty mundane and boring. with work and all. so nothing to blog about so yeah.

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