Sunday, August 05, 2007

MaAd is Done!!!!! For now!

MaaD is done
and i had fun
wat a time to play

i fell sick
didn't sell my sticks
hey there's still another day

new frens made
and that was great
see u next month perhaps!

wah i finished August mAaD.... quite tiring.. which is alost due to the fact that i was sick.... it was fun lah... thanks for those who thought my drawings were kool and my anecdotes on life were funny.. and thanks for those who laughed at my stories!

i have to admit compared to the other ppl in maad i seem very low tech. and well... i am low tech.. i'm a low tech artist! wakakaka....but yeah thanks for those who came to show support! see ya'll next month!

and those of u who missed me at maad... oh well try to come next month k?

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