Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lets See

i realised the other day that alot of the things that i post in my blog are either sad or depressing or me being annoyed at sumthing or all at once.

this lead me to think that some readers out there ,especially those who never met me before, might think i'm a nut case. like a depressed nut case. but i'm not. i'm actually a well adjusted young man. hah i know some of u are snickering there behind ur screens lol. well just stay wit me here.

i know everyone feels sad and depressed but most people just don't bother blogging about it. most people blog about happy things, the clubs they go to, dinners they had, cam whoring sessions and blah blah. well i'm not most people. as u very well know by now.

but i realised that blogging about sad depressing things is not good for my image. and my dears, image is everything. so i have decided to blog more about happy things and how hip and kewl i am. if i can manage to be hip and kewl that is lol.

and i realised this post is quite redundant. i jsut blogged coz i got nothing to do. blah. no cannot! must have positive image! its not that i ahve nothing to do. i'm just resting from my hectic schedule. sounds better no? lol.

ok la lame.better stop.


Anonymous said...


u havent kill urself yet stoopid ugly hair shitface??

society hates u! nobody wants to go near u...

eeeeww smelly face! pimple shit!

kOoKy pLuM said...

no la if i killed myself then ur sad pathetic life wouldn't have anymore meaning would it? see i'm so nice.

u smelled my face? really? how u know its smelly?

omg ur so funny...