Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lemme tell u sumthing kids...

lemme tell u sumthing kids... about life...

yes i know i haven't been on this earth for very long but who cares. i feel old.

so basically. its to tell you young ones that when ur young u should hang out wit ur frens as often as u can. even to the point of getting sick of them. yes coz when u get older u won't have time for anything.

yes sadly as u get older ur responsibilities are more. u need to work more and get very tired after that. why need to work more? money la.

if ur married then ur obligated to work even harder coz u have a family to take care of.

if ur not married then u feel u need to get married and create lasting bonds so u spend more time wit ur bf/gf. everyone doesn't want to be alone.

and if ur not working but ur in uni. den u feel u need to work super hard to the point where u got no time for anything else except ur work. which is true. i've done that. but i'm a lazy student so i dun do that alot.

so somehow ur life falls into a routine and in that routine there is no space for ur frens. u can't meet up wit them as often as u want. thats if u want to meet them in the first place. coz most of the time ur tired or have to keep urself as the apple of someones eyes.

its all fine and dandy if everyone is in the same predicament. but when ur the one wit the free time its abit disheartening. it makes one feel abit neglected and not that important. yes i'm talking about me.

i can't hang out wit the ppl i want to hang out wit. but its ok. i understand they have other obligations. but just coz i understand their situation doesn't mean i cannot whine and complain. humpff!!

so in the end kids. heres some words of wisdom from me to you. hang out wit ur frens as much as u can when ur still young like in poly or secondary skool. after o levels? go hang out. u dun need that much money to hang out. u can work later. and even if u wanna work jsut work part time. when u have free time treasure it.

trust me. treasure it. coz its not gonna come anytime soon when ur a working/studying adult. yeap.

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