Thursday, January 08, 2009


"...All things change Sister. Its sad but Heaven, Hell and the World move on... Its Fate..."

thats from the miniseries Merlin. in which Queen Mab and the Lady of The Lake talk about accepting change or fighting it. nice miniseries u should watch it.

anyho. i tot it was a good intro to the topic at hand which i have been thinking about for the past day or so. which is change.

i had an AHA!! moment watching Oprah (yes Oprah rocks!!). that show was about sipirtuality and they were talking thigns and life changes all the time and the more we resist the change the more unhappy we are. just go wit the flow they say. and live in the now. which i think is so true.

change is the only constant....

which is true. we grow old. we evolve in our personalities and the way we dress and the way we look. everybody changes. everything changes. and i was well aware of that when i came back from aussie.

i knew things would be different and people would be different. but i guess the one thing that i didn't really think about is accepting that change. my frens have changed even though they refused to acknowledge it lol. and i am trying to accept the new them. and i for sure have changed. and i guess they need to slowly to get used to the new me. ok i'm starting to ramble on.

but anyway change is good. only from change can new things come. maybe i should change. lol. but u can't force it. it just comes lol.


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