Monday, February 16, 2009

Alas it is time to leave.

the winds have changed direction. no more does it come from my bedroom window gently blowing at my curtains. alas it has changed direction. this signals one thing. it is time for me to leave yet again.

yes it is time for me to leave this cruel judgmental country where even the slightly longer hair is frowned upon. goodbye singapore, the land i love and hate all at once. by this time next week, i would be in brisbane. to a much simpler life, to a more accepting and open society.

how naive of me to think that things will change.

to think that having a worldy view is worth anything. sadly it does not. not much anyways. short hair and fitted berms are worth much more.

much has been revealed to me during my short stay here. truths about people. sad painful truths, as all truths often are. haiz.

so i guess it will do me well to go back to the sunshine state. back to a simple life. back to a pursuit of knowledge where ur mind is worth more than ur bulging biceps.

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