Monday, February 09, 2009


i sit here on my bed in the middle of the night. when the world has wound down for the night and the only sounds i hear are the odd rumblings of a car as it whizzes down the street.

the wind blows softly into my room, gently swaying the windchime, creating a melodic tinkling so strangely contrasting against the din of the engines roaring by.

as always i sit in my bedroom alone. on my bed alone. by myself alone.

how i often wish this wasn't the case. wouldn't it be nice to have some one else? if not wit me in bed (think wat u will) at least to waste the night away in endless conversations into the early hours of the morning.

all these remain but wishful thinking, lonely whispers sent to the night, fading away into the darkness. who hears my silent pleas? only the moon and the stars.

i tire of this life. this life of being alone. but i foresee it will be going on for a very long time. it must take alot of strength to forge ones way in life all by oneself. truly it does.

but alas i am not that strong. hope is diminishing that maybe one day something magical will happen, some spark, some passion. but the reality is that it won't happen.

love in this day and age is but a myth. a relationship now is more of a game than the meeting of 2 souls. oh well call me a old fashioned romantic.

how long can i ramble on, fending off my own dark thoughts from engaging me in battle?

for tonight and every night. i am alone.

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