Thursday, February 21, 2008


13th Feb Wednesday 10.30pm

So I went to Brisbane and now I’m here. It was kind of a blur really from the airport and now I’m here unpacking my stuff. Strange really.

As expected there was drama at the airport but I kept it to a minimum. Thank u all those who came. Especially you. You know who u are. I got to see u for one last time before I left. Ok maybe I’m going thru a phase. Haha. But still that’s how I feel.

i cannot believe that I’m here sitting at my lappytop typing this. It still hasn’t settled in yet, the fact that I’m here for my degree. I’m sure after I get a good rest and it will sort of settle in. but even now I feel time dragging on very very slowly. Maybe its because I have nothing to do except laze around and unpack my things and trying to make my room feel like home. And I really wonder to myself how am I to survive 10 months of this solitude.

But I must have positive thinking rite? If not I would just die here. So I thought to myself that wen skool starts, its gonna go by in an instant. It would pass by so fast I wouldn’t realize it. I would make new frens blah blah and be immersed in my studies and well it will pas by in A blink of an eye so to speak.

It just one day and the things I miss most are:

· My family, my mom especially… haha yes mama’s boy.

· My frens. I miss “people” watching man at Paragon la. Although there is much more eye candy here, I need my frens to bitch wit. Haiz. Miss you loads.

· The frigging Internet. Oh my god how much this show that I’m addicted to the net. I want my MSN la. But then this being Aussie it take a long time to do anything so I will be without internet for a week. (by the time of this posting I would already hav internet)

· Singapore in general. Seriously having issue aren’t i? it just one freaking day hahaha.

Well keep telling myself that wen skool starts it will be better for now I’ll just bum around and get fat hopefully my internet would be up and running by next week. Which is by the way orientation week.


Trying to have positive thinking!!!

February 14th 2008 Thursday

Basically today was a day of bumming. I woke up quite late and watch dvds and show on the laptop of my housemate. How fun. I took a nap in the afternoon and did a little bit of cleaning up and packing. It seems that I’m abit blur still about thing coz I really don’t remember where I put certain things. Still I guess haven’t quite gotten used to my room. Which take time I guess.

We all went out to dinner to this little Italian pizzeria and boy it was good. Also insane coz 4 of us ate like 2 large pizzas which had to use 2 tables instead of one coz it couldn’t fit. But the thing was we almost finished it and only left a few bits here and there. I’m so proud of myself.

Oh and I still haven’t gotten my internet yet but I went to my frens house which had internet and I got to relieve some of my addiction. YAY! I managed to talk to the Psychic Fig. I miss u guys man. We had a really good chat and I didn’t wanna go to sleep and I only slept at around 5am Aussie time. Hahaha. It was really nice talking to him again.

Happy Valentines Day I guess.

February 15th 2008 Friday

Today had so many things done. But I only had like 4 hours of sleep. Bloody tired as I type this post.

Anyways like I said. I got a lot of things done. Well at least wat I could possibly do at that moment in time. Coz there isn’t much thing I could do. I opened my bank account and managed to enroll in a few course which I think I would drop coz I just did that so I can get my student card. Which….

I couldn’t et today coz it takes 24 to process and well tomolo is Saturday and they don’t work on Saturday. Means that I hav to join the throngs of International Students on Monday to get it done. Silly. Exactly the thing I wanted to avoid and well I put myself rite smack into it. At least I don’t have to queue for the bank on Monday coz that’s just crazy.

I’m excited that I enrolled for this Religios Languages. Wat u might say? Me doing religious languages? Well it not exactly religion but rather it about the languages that are used in religions. Mainly Arabic and Sanskrit and all that jazz. Which I think is quite interesting. Well just hav to survive the weekend and everything will be moving along smoothly. Coolest beans!

I really hope to get my internet done quickly. Gosh. Seriously.

February 16th 2008 Saturday

Today I have to say is the SERIOUSLY MOST BORING Day. I could die seriously. Very dry post really.

Basically today I had to wake up uber early coz the painter was coming to paint the doors. So I had to be around to like open the door and I had to leave it open for him to paint it and also to leave it to dry. So I woke up at 7 and waited for him till 9. After he painted the doors I couldn’t close them for 2 hours. Thus I had to sit and watch tv for the whole morning and u could say I was watching paint dry. How sad is that.

Den I cooked my first meal in Australia, fried some eggs and sausages and had a simple salad and some bread. It was alright aye. I cleaned my bathroom sink!! Haha yes! Now I have a really white sink! Watched tv for a few more hours and wanted to take a nap but my fren came over and we watched tv. At this point of time I still don’t hav internet. I was so freaking tired that I feel asleep at the sofa while my fren was watching TV. Soon after he left. I guess coz I wasn’t much entertainment coz I was sleeping I guess.

So I proceeded into my room to read a magazine and took a short nap. Till 5-ish. And woke up and watched tv and feel asleep while the TV was still on. Goodness gracious. Made dinner which was some instant noodle thing. And watched even more tv. Terrible man.

My housemate came home and we watched even more TV!!!!! Till like midnight and here I am typing this now.

SUPER UBER BORING DAY. Basically rotting like nobody’s business. I had a few phone conversations in between which by the way is seriously eating up my credits I may need to recharge my credits like next week maybe. Terrible.

At least I hope I can sleep well tonight and wake up abit later. And I’m going to Chinatown to be feel Asian. Hahaha. Not really. We’re going there to go to the market but we’re lazy to wake up early and apparently Chinatown market is

Open till quite late. Anyways school is starting real soon. Which I am very excited about. And its only a day away. HOORAY.

Need Internet NOW!

17th February 2008 Sunday

Well today I went o ChinaTown down at Fortitude Valley or Brunswick St. I dunno maybe it could be the same thing. I’m confused. Anyways we went to the market there. Nothing special la. Just some small things here and there.

OhOh. I bought myself a VENUS FLYTRAP! How kool right. Yay I always wanted one and no w I can have one. At least for the next 10 months or so. Hahha. Long enuff. I loves it. Apparently wen I bought it it already has like 4 or 5 traps closed wit flies! Can u believe it. Power la my plant.

And I bought some more random pieces of junk. Which I love. I love junk. And we went to eat at this Indian place which has got some of the best thosai in Brizzie. I mean its really good. The best it could get to the Singapore ones. Yummy I like.

Anyways we got back and bummed and realized that our fridge died on us. How can rite? The house has issues so fast. Seriously whacked man. So in the middle of the night we had to go a frens house and put our perishables in her fridge. Terrible. Tomolo Mantha is going to call the agent woman. We need our fridge!!!

Anyways I hav to wake up early to go to ORIENTATION. Yay! Can’t wait. Ok off to sleep now.


LoverBoy said...

Kool. Glad you have fun in Aussie.

Anonymous said...

I need my frens to bitch wit. Haiz. Miss you loads.

WAHAHHAHAHAHAHA who are your frens??


STUPID GAY!! so ignorant...

go fuck the venus flytrap lah!! hahahah

Issac said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

siao siao de.. never mind.. we support you hakim!!!!!!!!!!!

Girlicious said...

only coward ppl hide under anonymous. Stupid, want to scold still hide identity. I laugh like cannot laugh already~

kOoKy pLuM said...

eh ok. this is very interesting.
ya like yes exactly. if u really hate me then why not tell me who u are? why are u hiding?
i got nothing to lose. like i'm over in aussie. wat can i do.

seriously. let him/her live in his/her own delusional little world. i let u have ur fun la. say u want to say... it doesn't really matter to me. u don't see it but people might think ur a really sad case. like u hurling abuse at me but i'm not the least bit affected by it. its like a dog barking at parked car.

the more u talk shit the easier it is for me to find out who u are. thats all i want to know.

aiyah continue la. actually i'm quite eager to see how much things u can say and how long u can continue.

well hav fun mr/ms anonymous.

loverboy said...

Kooky, there are jerks and bastards borne every minute, don't let their insignificance trouble your life.

And to Mr Anonymous, a quote from Jewel Kilcher's song, pieces of you.

" You say he's a faggot, like you're afraid you're just the same."

Anonymous said...

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Gameboy said...

seriously what has he really done to you?

think about it. whatever it is, I don't know, is it THAT bad?

stop it la k


Fiiz said...

anonymous, just go away. The fact that you do not realise you are behaving like a loser affirms the fact that YOU ARE THE LOSER. Period.

Guys, just ignore this "anonymous" guy. Nothing you say will make sense to him. So just pretend he is not here.