Thursday, February 28, 2008

Uni Has Started

Well skool has started… oh I should say Uni has started. Some course are tough and some are not. Oh my especially Plant Molecular Biology… its terrible really… I dunno wats going on and vaguely understand wat the professor is talking about…. I should be able to catch up after some intense reading… hahahha…. Other than that nothing exciting…. Made new acquaintances, not really frens (coz apparently I don’t have any.. hahha) I just met them once or twice in class and made general chit chat…. Maybe as the week go by it will get better…

Oh my god… I cooked the most delicious meal today for myself, since my housemate is gallivanting dunno where… so I’m left to my own devices… so I made myself rosemary lemon chicken. Woots! It look really nice and taste not bad. I sautéed some tomatoes and mushrooms and capsicums and baked some wedges… I kinda liked it… look too pretty to eat but then I was really hungry so I munched it all up… it was delicious…

Life here is pretty boring especially since I don’t have internet and I don’t have cable tv so its kinda boring. Yes I know I’m supposed to be study but I don’t really have the mood. It is only the first week but there is a lot of reading to be done and I’m sure that people hav already borrowed all the books that I need. Its really freaky wen u got to the library and see people furiously studying and making notes. And I don’t even know where to begin. Its really scary actually. Its only the first week ley…

I should get into full swing by next week and be reall geeky and all that... I have this really big lab session next week and I need to do a great deal of reading or I should say research since I’m all Uni student and everything.

In another exciting bit of news. I joined a pilates class. I’m really excited about that. I was contemplating between yoga and pilates. And since I did yoga before I chose pilates. Coz I’ve never done it before. That quite logical isn’t it? Yeah it is hahaha. But the thing is, it only starts like in 2 weeks time so it’s a matter of waiting.

Life in uni is pretty much the same as in poly except that people take their studies really and I mean really seriously. Like I said before its scary.

So I’ve often wonder wats been happening in Singapore while I’m here. Like how my frens are and how my family is. All I know is some strange person is leaving silly comments on my blog. Which is interesting I guess coz it generates buzz around my blog and I know someone reads my blog. Even though he hates my very being at least he reads it so he can cringe and leave rude comments on my blog. Ah such is the price of fame. Hahaha.

I really don’t know who he is and it amuses me so that I have someone who hates me to the core for reasons I do not know. Jealousy? I don’t think so. Who would be jealous of me? Crazy. Just coz I’m a loser? Apparently that’s the reason he hates me coz I’m a loser. And he has too much free time on his hands to leave comments on my blog. Maybe he himself has no fren? Oh so many questions. I should just let him be. If it makes him happy to leave comments on my blog, I shall just let him be. This is his chance to say all these things about me coz I’m not in Singapore to hunt him down so I will let him be.

Well other than that. Umm I dunno nothing much is going on. Everyday is waking and going to classes and walking. Boy there is a lot of walking but other than that it’s the little things like going grocer shopping and getting emails from my frens. Yes frens. Well ok time to sleep coz I have a 8 o clock class.


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