Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its Been Ages

So its been ages since i blogged and since i'm just sitting aroudn at home i tot why not pen my thought down.

so many things have happened when since i last blogged. first of all i completed all my studies and finally said goodbye to my second home, Brisbane. it was bittersweet. ok la. it was just bitter. coming back to Singapore didn't feel good. i left behind a good life. i really did. i was happy. with my life, myself and in general i was happy back in brisbane.

but coming back here. its all so depressing. as much as i love Singapore where my family and frens are, i feel that i dun belong. i'm not comfortable here. i'm happy but not truly happy and content. if u read all my blog posts from when i was in Sg. its all so gloomy and depressing. but when i was in Brissy all my blog post seem abit more cheery and happier.

i guess the hectic and busy conformist lifestyle of singapore is not for me. i've said it countless times that u cannot be an individual in singapore. those taht do are shoved into the counter culture of singapore always potrayed as rebelling against the status quo. i commend these ppl who dare be themselves.

the view up someones nose muahahaha...

i yearn to go back. to finish up my Masters and to be happy i guess. but there are ties that bind me here to this little island. i can't just leave. haiz. dilemma. so i have come up wit a 5 year plan!! yes a five year plan!

  • Work for a year and half or so in hopefully a museum. if not whatever i can find.
  • go back to Brissy hopefully in 2011 to complete my Masters
  • get a job in aussie in a museum or sumthing.
ok i realised that its only 3 points but its in the works... basically my main aim is to get back into uni in 2011. i feel that its abit wasted that i only did a Grad Cert. so masters it is!

i guess the only thing i can do now is to look forward and work on my goals. move forward kooky!! thats the only way u can go! i shall remember the fond memories i had of brisbane and hopefully that would give me the strength to carry on in this city i call home.

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ivanny said...

OMG!!! i just remembered that i had the same red sunset pic from westend. i still havent post on blog also. haha... no laptop now lah. very difficult. still waiting.