Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ultimate Super Mega Post!

or maybe not.. lol... so people of the blogosphere... what have i been up too? its been 3 weeks since i posted anything substantial to this blog. so umm been busy with skool and life.

so basically nothing much to say anymore.. its a phase i guess when suddenly u have nothing much to say abou anything and just let go with the flow. so yeah.

so i'll entertain you wit pictures of pretty clouds. and that by the way is Ah Lee's hand. although i have to say that this dratted hot and then cold weather is causing my respitory tract some major discomfort. like its cold at night then freaksihly hot in the day. its making me catch a cold or flu or whatever it is that makes ur snot drip down like leaking faucet and makes u sneeze ur brains out.

and i've noticed that once my internet is throttled (yes internet throttling is a concept unknown to singaporeans ) when loading pictures, my computer somehow deliberately loads the pictures i do not want to see and hangs the loading of those i want to see. its strange. like loading facebook thumbnails. my com only shows half of the photos that i want to see but fully loads the rest. is it just me? or is my computer really selectively loading and depriving me of the ones i want to see? hmmm... interesting no?

well laa dee daa..

for a moment there i thought i had the flu... thank god i dun.. coz i have no fever only a really really runny nose... i had a good search over the internet over the differences between the flu and the common cold. quite interesting actually.

anyhoo i better be resting. in the cold. under my doona. only to wke up really warm coz the weather is FREEEKAY....

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